DigiKidz Fandom Club

DigiKidz Fandom Club

Wanna draw and hang out with fellow anime, manga and gaming fans? DigiKidz Fandom Club brings everyone together each week to share their art and follow an instructor-led monthly theme for drawing challenges, games, contests and more. Also, each month we’ll work on a final project and turn it into fun merch like stickers! 

WHO: The DigiKidz Fandom Club is open to all DigiKidz alumni with basic digital drawing skills. If you already know how to draw digitally, let us know!

WHEN: Club members will meet Every Tuesday 6-8PM for 2 hours and discuss their favorite anime, manga, comics, cartoons and games. Monthly themes will be discussed and chosen together. We’ll have fun activities in each meeting and work on monthly themed personal projects. The DigiKidz instructor will lead the club activities and give individual guidance with personal projects.

WHERE: At the DigiKidz Academy school in Chantilly, VA

HOW MUCH: The DigiKidz Fandom Club membership fee is billed monthly $199.00. Your credit card will be billed every month on the same day of the month as the day you signed up. Cancellation requires seven (7) days prior notice.

  • Meet once every week all year. 2 hours per week
  • Who can sign up for the Club? DigiKidz alumini who have taken at least one full Intro course so they have fundamental digital drawing skills.
  • Monthly theme, e.g. Pokemon, One Piece, Demon Slayer, etc. The age appropriate theme can be suggested by the Club Instructor and discussed/decided by all club members. Club members are encouraged to suggest topics as well!
  • Watch parts of a show together and discuss characters, plots and more
  • Tackle drawing games, challenges and contests!
  • Create a  monthly themed personal project. Club members will pick a character from the monthly theme and work on that as their monthly personal project. 
  • Monthly fee: $199/mo. Recurring billing every month on the same day of the month as the day you signed up. Cancellation requires seven (7) days prior notice.

Class Information

Class Date 03-05-2024 6:00 pm
Individual Price $199.00 Per Month (Recurring)
Location DigiKidz Academy

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